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Creative Masterpiece

Hand Carved Wood Art Gallery

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12a 65x64x51 $32,000 +S&H

(12A) Teak Wooly Mammoth 65Tx64Wx51

$32,000.00 +S&H

60a 16in diameter $250

(60A)  Mahogany Ball 16 diameter

 $250.00 +S&H

52A 21x35x35 $1375

(52A) Teak Table 21Tx35Wx35D  front view

$1,375.00 +S&H

52A2 21x35x35 $1375

(52A) Teak Table 21Tx35Wx35D  back view

$1,375.00 +S&H

56b 27x53x46 $2500

(56B) Teak Table 7Tx53Wx46D top view

$2,500.00 +S&H   (2 piece)

56B2 27x53x46 $2500

(56B) Teak Table 27Tx53Wx46D  top & base view

$2,500.00 +S&H (2 piece)

17a50x19x24 $1225

(17A)  Mahogany Table w/ ball 50Lx19Wx24D

$1,225.00 S&H     

15b teak 65x30x28 $1850

(15B) Mahogany Bench 65Lx30Wx28D  

$1,850.00 +S&H

       If you have any questions, comments or would like to place an order; Contact us at: 989-724-5890 or E-mail us

S&H: $29.95 for any copper picture, acrylic or oil painting 30x40 or smaller; $9.95 for # prints. These rates apply to anywhere in the U.S. 48 States. For all other rates, contact a Creative Masterpiece representative at 989-724-5890 or

Here at Creative Masterpiece we carry a large line of teak & mahogany furnishings, petrified wood and wood products.  We are in the process of bringing this line to our online customers. 

Our Petrified wood gallery is under construction, new pieces will be continually added.

Thank you, Jerry & Brenda Lewis

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