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 The Copper Process

These are photographs of copper panels that are etched for a three dimensional effect and colored using a flaming process. On some of the panels an acrylic paint is added to portions of the plates surface giving the copper plate its content.  #2052 The Blue Mountains 36 x 2403

These copper plates are twenty-two thousandths of an inch thick and they are solid copper.  The etching process tempers the surface so that they will last many years before showing any signs of oxidation.

When oxidation begins it happens very slowly as  nature begins her addition to an already interesting picture. Over an extended time period there will be gradual changes taking place within the picture. This is the natural process of oxidation, and adds to the uniqueness of your picture.

It has taken the artists over ten years to develop and refine this process.

Since the photos can’t reflect the light and only show one angle of the reflected light taken in the picture -- it is impossible to see the dazzling effects these copper pictures have when they are hanging  on your wall.

Also, these copper plates reflect light as you view them at different angles so the picture changes as you walk in front of it – making your viewing experience that much more interesting.

These pictures are truly one of a kind.  They can’t even be duplicated by the original artist because of the random etching and flaming process. The artist has to wait for the etching process to produce its own unique forms and shapes on the copper surface and then, after looking at the copper plate for a time, he finds a picture that is hidden on the surface of the copper and only then, he can add his own forms to bring out what he sees.

So, you can see that, duplicating the same picture more than once is almost impossible.  When you buy one of these copper pictures you will never have to worry about someone else having one just like it.

These pictures will either dominate the room where they are hung or they will just add a subtle touch of interest depending on how you light them.

Cleaning, handling and hanging each picture is easy.

To Handle: Always wear gloves, this prevents fingerprints from getting on the surface of the copper and from possible injury when handling metal.

To Clean: Use a feather duster and dust off surface. Avoid all cleaners as they will alter the surface of the copper.

Hang: Each copper picture has a copper edge to hang from. Our Oil and Acrylic paintings have a hanger mounted on them.  Simply hang them from a mount capable of holding the weight of each copper panel or picture.  A 2’x3’ copper picture panel weighs approximately 5lb’s.


Our natural petrified wood sculptures and hand-crafted hardwood art objects are ONE - OF - A - KIND 15b teak 65x30x28 $1850.00 +S&H02


Petrified Wood Pieces - Created by God, polished by man.

Please keep in mind that petrified wood is much heavier than regular wood, weighing as much as 150 - 200 pounds per cubic foot. Most of our sculptures exceed a cubic foot and are suitable for display in business offices, hotels, casinos and museums. All sculptures may be finished with a base or pedestal and smaller petrified wood pieces are also available.

Selected from around the world, our sculptures include various sizes of petrified wood (in its natural form or hand polished) and Teak or Mahogany carvings (including furniture).  The large pieces of petrified wood are also well suited for headstones.

Imagine showcasing petrified wood that was part of a tree or shrub from the Triassic Period - over 200 million years ago!

Put a finishing touch in your decor with a unique Teak or Mahogany display, hand-carved by the natives of primitive islands!  Each sculpture is a unique artwork. Materials are harvested from jungle swamps and riverbeds throughout the world

These hand-carved artworks are especially appropriate for the entryway of your home.

Simply put, our large size artwork is a designer's dream.

Browse through our pieces, then click on any image to see a larger photograph.


What is petrified wood?


Petrified wood has been preserved for millions of years by the process of petrification. This process turns the wood into stone. Even though petrified wood is fragile, it is also harder than steel. Petrified wood is much heavier than the original log, weighing as much as 150 - 200 pounds per cubic foot.

In order for wood to become petrified, it has to have been encased with volcanic ash, volcanic mud flows, sediments in lakes and swamps or material washed in by violent floods: by any means which would exclude oxygen and thus prevent decay.

A number of mineral substances (such as calcite, pyrite, marcasite) can cause wood to petrify, but by far the most common is silica. Solutions of silica dissolved in ground water infiltrate the buried wood and through a complex chemical process are precipitated and left in the individual plant cells. Here the silica may take a variety of forms, such as agate, jasper, chalcedony or opal.

The beautiful and varied colors of fossil wood are caused by the presence of other minerals that enter the wood in solution with the silica. When the end result is white or gray in hue, pure silica was more than likely present during the petrification process.

If iron oxides are included in the silica the wood becomes stained with a yellow or reddish brown tint. If copper, cobalt or chromium was present, the petrified wood will be tinted with greens and/or blues. Manganese will create a pink coloration, while carbon blackens the petrified wood.


All petrified wood pieces have been legally harvested from swamps or riverbeds throughout the world.

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