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Creative Masterpiece’s founder: Jerry Lewis is a native Michigander with a name to remember. “The Other Jerry Lewis” was born and raised in Ferndale Michigan; Jerry is a mechanical engineer by trade. In business since 1966 he moved to the Sunrise Side in 1980 where he continued doing research and development work, adding to his list of patents in the automotive and building industry.  His painting hobby turned into a way of expressing his love of design and soon after, he ventured into using a variety of mediums. One particular medium Jerry and his wife Brenda began working on in the 90’s was with copper, thus this unique, captivating art form was born. As this process is continuing to expand, acrylic paint is added to each copper panel, new designs are continually created, and miraculous transformations are the norm!

Many have asked how we started.  Well ,we started with a desire, a desire based on a promise.  This is the same promise offered to all mankind.  A promise of a better life, one full of peace, joy, health, prosperity and purpose.  This promise was that there is Placeholder  Imagea realm or Kingdom to live in and, in that Kingdom, all these things would be given to us. Searching out the reality of this Kingdom, lead us to creating on copper and lead us to the King of this Kingdom.  His name is Jesus and He is leading us to experience all that His Kingdom has for us: His reunited son-kings. 

We believe in each piece of our artwork there is something unique hidden and, if we look carefully, we will find it.   It is our desire that all who experience these art pieces are reminded that they too are kings, destined to rule, and that they  will be drawn into searching out this same promise therefore, finding their King and live in this promised Kingdom here and now.

None of our pieces have been copyrighted so please feel free to copy the ones you like and enjoy them.  A beautiful principle of the Kingdom of God is: Freely we have received so freely we give.

God’s Kingdom Blessings,

Jerry & Brenda Lewis



   If you have any questions or would like to place an order, E-mail us at: or call us at  989-724-5890. or write us at:



PO Box 99 

Harrisville, Michigan 48740  


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